Singapore Green Building Product Certificate: SGBP DC14-227
Patent No: PCT/SG2102/000420

The Eco Sustainable Approach to Cooling Water Management

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Saves Money and Protects Environment

Scaling/Fouling will increase the operation costs due to:

  • Pressure increase
  • Flow decrease
  • Poor heat transfer
  • Loss of throughput
  • Premature equipment and pipe replacement
  • Maintenance shutdown
  • The use and disposal of costly and toxic chemicals

Even though anti scaling chemicals may help, scale deposits still build up on heat exchanger tubes, pipes and cooling towers which then require hazardous chemical cleaning and flushing to prevent scaling/fouling.

This compromised situation cannot be solved by continuing the same practice. This is why eco friendly DeCaIon (DCI) is now introduced.

Scaling/Fouling is very common in condenser of air conditioning system and industrial heat transfer process, but can be prevented by DCI. In addition, the existing scales will be dissolved and removed. Also, corrosion is now under control in a reduced Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) environment.


A badly scaled/fouled heat exchanger

A well maintained heat exchanger

Your Ultimate Solution to Scaling Problem

    DecaIon removes scales by electrolysis according to:
  • Ca2+ + HCO3- + OH- = CaCO3 + H2O
  • Mg2+ + 2OH- = Mg(OH)2
  • Also, SiO2 is removed.

The main causes of scaling in water system i.e. Mg2+ and Ca2+ are dissolved from the pipes, heat exchanger and cooling tower, deposited on cathodes, dislodged and blown down automatically. Anti-scalant and corrosion inhibitor are no longer needed. Some free chlorine is also produced when sufficient chloride ion is present in the cooling water.


Scale Removal for Chiller Plant in Commercial Building

DeCaIon improves heat transfer substantially and hence increases chiller efficiency resulting in lower Condenser Approach Temperature

Scale Removal for Industrial Applications

DeCaIon improves heat transfer efficiency considerably in Cooling System for Production Machines, Air Compressor and etc

Design Features of DeCaIon

  • Auto Electrodes Regeneration
  • Auto Scale Dislodge and Discharge
  • Auto Conductivity Control
  • Auto Amperage Control

How does DCI work?

  • It increases CaCO3 solubility
  • Existing Hardness scales are dissolved & deposited at the electrodes
  • Scales automatically dislodged and discharged from the electrodes
  • Auto mechanism regenerates and maintains the electrodes performance.
  • It decreases ORP, hence corrosion is brought under control

Benefits of DeCaIon

  • Cooling Tower Water Savings operated at a much higher Cycle of Concentration (COC)
  • Substantial Power Savings now @ high chiller efficiency
  • Higher Product Yield resulted from efficient cooling
  • Consistent High Product Quality due to efficient cooling
  • Ease of operation by automation
  • Chiller Plant Maintenance reduced
  • Stand-alone Installation: No Plant Shutdown required
  • Very little After-Sales Service
  • Good Return Of Investment: 0.5 to 2 years


General Specifications

Dimension (~mm)-overall L = 700, B = 380, H = 1200
Weight ~50 Kg
Max Power Consumption ~600 W
Max Operating Amp (DC) 15 A auto adjustable
Max Flow 2.25 m3/h
Operating Pressure 1 bar
Input Power Source Single Phase AC 120-240V, 50/60Hz
Specifications subject to change without notice

SGBP DC14-227

Certificate No. 9565
ISO 9001:2008